Methods of Hiring Through David Wood Personnel

Temporary/Contract Staffing

You may contact one of our Personnel Supervisors (Temporary Personnel Coordinators) with a description of the duties and experience requirements needed for a person(s) to work at your location for a period of time, from a minimum of four hours to an indefinite period.  Our Personnel Supervisors will select the best qualified temporary available and confirm with your company the temporary employee’s name, the hourly bill rate and the starting date and time.
Our Temporary Employee documents his/her time on our electronic time card and verifies his/her hours at the end of each week by having your supervisor at your location electronically approve this Time Card.  We pay our employee and bill your company for the hours worked.
For longer term assignments you may interview several candidates and choose your favorite(s).
Best Use:  Short term projects, medical leaves, seasonal employment, etc. 


Probationary Hire® or “Temp to Hire

When budget is a consideration, “Temp To Hire” has become a popular method of hiring.  You may select a candidate from several referred to you and they will work for you while still on our “Temp” payroll for a probationary period of 13 weeks (520 hours).  During the 13 weeks you will pay only the agreed hourly rate quoted to you. You may terminate the Temp at any time without further obligation by either terminating them yourself, or having our Personnel Supervisor terminate or replace the employee.  After the 13 weeks (520 hours), you may transfer the employee to your payroll without additional cost.
Best Use: Lower or mid-level support personnel for permanent positions.


Career Placement (Direct Hire)

You may contact our office and speak to one of our Recruiters with a detailed description of the job opening and the skills and background you are seeking in a person to work directly on your staff.  According to the description you provide, our Recruiter will locate and screen appropriate candidates for you to review with our Recruiter and approve for your interview at a place and time you choose.  With direct hire you will have the benefit of choosing candidates available from both the presently working and the unemployed candidate base.  Only if, after your interviews, you elect to hire one of these candidates on your payroll do you incur any fee.
Best Use:  Higher level support personnel, mid-level management, professional


Confidential Hiring

The occasion may arise when you will want to hire or replace an employee confidentially.  In that instance we will send resumes of selected candidates to an alternative address or Email of your choice.  Final selection interviews may be conducted at our offices in a private conference room.  All communication will be handled in strict confidence.  We have had extensive experience in confidential recruiting.
Best use:   Replacing or adding employees in controversial situations.


Facilities Management

We can staff and manage an entire labor intensive function.  We have staffed and managed a group of municipal parking lots, an entire country club for a Court Appointed Receiver, a mailroom for a large international nonprofit, large and small call centers, and hurricane relief personnel for government entities.  Talk to us about saving costs outsourcing your labor intensive functions.
Best Use:  Saving money in managing labor intensive high turnover noncore functions


Small Office Administration

When you have only one or two employees we will partner with you and keep them as contract employees at your location.  This will allow you to avoid the detailed and timely required government payroll tax reporting and compliance and concentrate on managing your small one or two person office.
We will even help you find the right person and provide extra help or a replacement when necessary
Best Use:  Small condo office, Real Estate, nonprofit, social secretary, or investment office.