1. David Wood Personnel has been servicing the human resource needs of South Florida for 51 continuous years.  The company roots are deep in South Florida providing superior local recruiting resources unmatched by any other source.


Available Candidates

2. Our current private candidate database has over 118,000 candidates with a broad range of unique skills and backgrounds.  Most of these candidates are local and have been acquired by our skilled Recruiters over the last several years.  The majority of these candidates are not reading current employment ads but maintain a relationship with David Wood Personnel.
3. Professional David Wood Personnel Recruiters in multiple locations in South Florida are constantly recruiting and interviewing new candidates for talent.  These new candidates are acquired through internet ads, Google searches, community networking, direct recruiting campaigns, social networking sites, participation in business expos, and this web site.
4. Over 68% of our candidates are exclusive to David Wood Personnel.  They are not registered with another service and may not be currently reading online job listings.  Half of our new candidates are referrals from former clients, former candidates, and a variety of community contacts nurtured over many years.



5. We will actually show you previous employer references and test results.  We will email (or Fax) these references for those candidates you have selected to interview.
6. Prior employer References are conducted one-on-one with prior supervisors over the telephone.  We know how to get through to previous supervisors and ask real questions about work performanceYou will not have to rely on return postcards, inadequate online reference checks or date verifications.
7. Some services test their candidates online.  Many times these online tests are taken by well-meaning friends or family members, providing scores that do not represent the candidate’s true skill level.  All our candidates take their skill tests in our offices.  We guarantee the candidates have actually taken the tests themselves and will perform accordingly in your environment.
8. All our candidates have been interviewed in person by one of our staff Recruiters using a structured technique to seek out behavioral responses and past achievements to predict future performance.
9. Criminal background checks are conducted on all candidates that have been hired or placed through us either on contract temporary assignments or direct hire referrals.  These checks are part of our Safe Hire program that can include a drug test when requested.



10. In over five decades of service to South Florida business and industry we have partnered with over 67,000 hiring managers in filling their job openings.
11. Our clients report better than a 97% satisfaction rate on placed candidate’s productivity.
12. Our Direct Hire service charges are protected by a One Year Prorated Guarantee. Only 3% of Recruiting Services offer a guarantee as long as one year.  Our temporary assignments are also protected for an introductory period, depending on the length of the assignment.  We are confident in the success of our candidate screening processes.